Hi! I'm Candace.

Thanks for taking a moment to find out a little about me. I've had an interest in photography for years, and finally picked up the camera in 2012. I'm married to the most handsome man alive (Hiiii honey!!) and we have three beautiful children: Jackson (5), Madison (2) and Carter who was born September 2016. Jackson brings the sweet, and Madison brings the sass, and Carter brings it all home with her peaceful nature. Together, they're an unstoppable force of joy in my life and everyone they meet!

I'm native to Victoria and the Crossroads area, and chose to stay here to raise my family and start my business. If I had to try and put into words all the reasons why this is my chosen path, we'd be here all day. To keep it simple: Photographs last a lifetime.

Memories fade, people leave us, and life is continually changing. What doesn't change, is that single moment captured in time and recorded for generations to come.


Late last year, I had a devastating wake up call. My husband works as a Senior Patrol Officer for the Victoria Police Department. It was "Cop Car Date Night", where I ride out with him and spend the evening getting to watch him do what he does best. That night, however, things took a turn from the usual traffic stops and arrests. That night, a man pulled a gun on my husband and I was forced to listen on the radio as my world stood still. That night, I could have lost everything.

When I got home, I made a cup of coffee and reflected on the events that occurred, and the thought came up: What if he hadn't made it home? I looked over at his badge, his duty weapon, and his various awards from his military service. Those items, while sentimental, were not my husband. I then looked up at the wall in our family room, and that's where he was: in the photos we had together.


There's the picture I have of him wrestling with our oldest on the hotel bed that time we went to Corpus, and there's the picture I have of him holding his baby girl the day she was born. There's the picture of the four of us on the day he was promoted, all beaming with pride.

And that's when it hit me. THOSE PHOTOS ARE ALL WE HAVE.



And THAT is why I'm a photographer, and why I'm honored you have chosen me for your family portraits. I couldn't image a better way to serve my community in the Crossroads.